We have 3 stages of inspection in our foundry.

Incoming Inspection.

Incoming inspection is carried out for every batch of major raw material & consumables like :

  • Pig iron
  • Mild steel scrap.
  • CRCA scrap.
  • Moulding paints.
  • Bentonite.
  • Silica Sand.

In-Process Inspection.

In-process inspection is carried out for all the processes as per control plan of the quality manual like :

  • Our unique sand laboratory tests sand properties such as compressive strength, permeability, moisture content, loss on ignition, volatiles, AFS size & clay content.
  • Metal properties such as metal chemistry before & after pouring with an in-house-spectrometer, metal temperature during tapping & pouring with an infrared non-contact type pyrometer. We also use a silicon carbon analyzer for chemical cross-checking.
  • Core gas determination to detect gas in cores.
  • Checking the scratch hardness of the core with a scratch tester.
  • Test the mold hardness of each mold with a portable mold hardness tester.

Final Inspection.

Final inspection is carried out within the setup for every heat poured :

  • Microstructural analysis using a microscope & image analyzer software.
  • The dimensions of the castings are randomly checked at regular intervals before shipment. For new developments, 100% dimensions are checked for the first sample.
  • Mechanical properties of the casting such as tensile strength, elongation & yield strength using an in-house tensile testing machine.
  • Chemical properties of the castings using an in-house spectrometer.
  • Hardness testing of castings using hydraulic BHN machine & Poldi tester.
Machine Shop
We have 3 stages of inspection in our machine shop.

Incoming inspection.

We check every incoming raw & machined parts that come into our machine shop to make sure the following conditions are met :

  • Before beginning the machining process, raw castings may have visual flaws.
  • Before transporting the component for additional processing, the dimensions of any pre or outsourced machining are verified to the nth degree.
  • The assembly child parts are inspected as per quality plan.

In-Process Inspection.

We have first piece inspection process. As per frequency, the parts are checked. In case of any deviation observed, the same is reworked & sent for the process.


Final Inspection.

Final inspection is carried out as per customer requirements. If customer requires hydro testing, we are doing the same as per customer requirements.