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Grihalaxmi Group Of Industries

Grihalaxmi Group of Industries, founded by Mr. Maruti Kono in the year 1989 with a vision to develop quality products in the foundry sector. One of the leading industries from foundry hub of India i.e. Belgaum.

Accredited with ISO 9001:2015 & Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU certification by TUV SUD to ship our pump & valve components directly to European countries.

Grihalaxmi Group of Industries - Foundries

Year of Establishment 2005 1989 2020 2008
Area 11,000 (Sq. Ft.) 20,700 (Sq. Ft.) 27,000 (Sq. Ft.) 43,560 (Sq. Ft.)
Capacity Approx. 960000 Pieces / Annum Approx. 480000 Pieces / Annum 6000 (MT / Annum) 4800 (MT / Annum)
Box Size (mm) NA NA 600*700*200 [ARPA 450 Moulding Line] 450*450*150/200/250 (Min)

1500*1500*250 (Max)


ARPA 300 Moulding Line & Hand Moulding.

Continuous core mixer, PEP-SET core process & continuous core oven.
Weight 5 Kg to 70 Kg 5 Kg to 400 Kg CI – 5 to 120 Kgs & DI – 5 to 120 Kgs CI – 5 to 900 Kgs & DI – 5 to 800 Kgs
Grades CI & SGI CI & SGI FG200 to FG300, SG400/12 to SG 700/2, EN-GJS-400/18LT, NI HARD-4 FG200 to FG300, SG400/12 to SG 700/2, EN-GJS-400/18LT, NI HARD-4

Why Grihalaxmi Group of Industries??

  • Alloy addition castings to meet stringent requirements of our unique blend of customers.

    We manufacture castings with Nickel, Copper, Chromium, Molybdenum & few other alloy additions as per customer's requirement.

  • A single stop solution to our customers.

    Our group has a blend of 2 semi-automatic foundries & 2 sophisticated machine shops which enables us to provide fully machined & ready-to-use components to our valued customers.

  • Fast development of items.

    Our group specializes in the fastest component development from design to sample submission right-first-time.

  • Unique selling preposition.

    Specialized in pumps & valves components; certified with ISO 9001:2015 & Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU by TUV SUD. We manufacture castings with weight range starting from 5 kg going up to 900 kg in cast iron & 5 kg going up to 800 kg in ductile iron.

  • Well equipped testing laboratories.

    Sophisticated fully equipped testing laboratory for sand testing, mechanical properties, chemical properties, etc.

  • Our Staff.

    Our group is supported by highly skilled & dedicated workforce that is prepared to take on any challenges as per the needs of customer with change in time. In particular, the critical components for which the customers are starving can be developed at Grihalaxmi Group of Industries.

Our Manufacturing Facilities


  • Installed capacity of 10800 MT / Annum cast iron & ductile iron castings.
  • Weight range starting from 5 kg going up to 900 kg in cast iron & 5 kg going up to 800 kg in ductile iron.
  • The foundry is equipped with fully automated sand plant, semi-automated track line, simultaneous jolt squeeze machines, knock out system, cold box core making machines, etc.
  • We solely make use of induction furnaces, which allows us to control our metallurgy during the melting process.

Machining Facility

  • We are equipped with full fledge CNC, VMC, HMC & VTL machining facility for all the components produced in our foundry. We can supply fully machined precision components as per customer's drawings.


  • We provide fully assembled, tested & packaged products according to customer's standards.

Quality Control

  • We offer 3 stages of inspection i.e. incoming material, in-process material & final inspection in foundry & machine shop, so that we ship flawless machined components & assemblies to our customers.
grihalaxmi painting

Painting and Packaging

  • We have in-house facility for painting & packaging.
  • Exportworthy packaging is done according to the required international standards.


  • Delivery terms possible: EXW, FOB & CIF.
  • We collaborated with several logistics firms, so that we can use the quickest shipping lines to ship anywhere in the world.
  • According to the requirements of the customers, we provide all the paperwork & documentation needed by Indian customs as well as any relevant certificates for exports.

Industries we serve

Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
Pulp & Paper
Pulp & Paper
Nuclear Power
Nuclear Power
Indian Railways
Indian Railways
Hydro Power
Hydro Power
Thermal Power
Thermal Power
Food Industries
Food Industries
Water Treatment Plant
Water Treatment Plant

Grihalaxmi Group of Industries(FUTURE EXPANSION PLANS)

Capacity Enhancement - Expansion of existing foundry unit with 3000 MT / annum of additional facility with ARPA 900 moulding line & additional HMC’s, VMC’s & VTL’s.

Our Prime Customers